Economic Development Initiatives

TMF Endowment Fund

TMF has established a measurable endowment fund to ensure sustainability of its educational projects. This initiative portrays TMF’s far sighted approach and internal strength.

Fruit Gardens Project

We have developed Fruit Gardens with over 10,000 saplings at City of Education. The volume and variety of trees is continuously growing. Fruit gardens will provide free of charge fruits to our students.

Industrial Home – Each Unit

After inculcating Dress Making and Dress Designing course in TMIT, we have planned to develop a multidisciplinary vocational centre at TMCE for females.  Later on the Industrial Home will be setup to generate revenues and empower women of the area.

Agricultural Land Development

There is nearly 25 acres of agricultural land at Tameer-e-Millat City of Education (TMCE), near Islamabad, which will be increased to 200 acres and beyond. Wheat and Corn crops are grown to generate revenues from the rich, fertile land. Modern agricultural tools like tractors, mowers, etc. are used for plowing the fields. This project will contribute over Rs.15,000 per acre to TMF.

Goat Farm

We plan to establish a richly stocked Goat farm in near future, which will contribute over Rs. 1 m for TMF educational projects.

However, collective sacrifice is arranged on the propitious event of Eid-ul-Adha every year where large numbers of people are invited at TM City of Education to donate their Qurbani for the deserving and orphan students. Meat and skins thus obtained are employed to fulfill food and educational requirements of these students.

Fish Farm

We have developed 3 fish farms at TM City of Education while more have been planned. Rs. 400,000 is expected from each farm.

Tameer-e-Millat Dam

A sizeable water reservoir has been developed at TMCE to ensure adequate water supply to all academic and residential facilities situated at the campus.

Timber Project

Over the vast area of TMCE, trees have been planted to merchandize their timber and other products to generate funds. It is estimated that it will contribute Rs. 50,000 per acre towards TMF.

Plant Nursery

Every year in the month of February-March, Plantation week is celebrated at TMCE to add more plants to the nursery. TMCE horticulture nursery will generate revenue from internal and external customers.

Dairy Farm

A well stocked Dairy Farm has been established at TMCE where 52 Cows and Buffalos are kept. The milk is consumed for fulfilling the food requirements for students as well as supplied to Shifa International Hospitals, Ltd. The animals are provided complete veterinary care and vaccinated properly to ensure the quality of dairy products.

Qarz-e-Hasna Educational Fund

To enable our students to acquire Higher Education, Qarz-e-Hasna Educational Fund has been introduced. The amount will be invested and the revenue thus generated will be dispersed to deserving students strictly on merit. Students will be liable to pay back the amount in easy installments after completing their academic courses.