Captain Shujaat Hussain

Captain Shujaat Hussain, a former student of Sardar Taameer-e-Millat School in Kamalia, Toba Tek Singh, broke the record of the Pakistan Army in the 126-long course of the Special Service Group (SSG), a record that remains unbroken to this day. He, along with his 30 commandos, defeated 700 terrorists in Shawal Valley during Operation Zarb-e-Azb, earning the title of “Conqueror of Shawal Valley.” He is considered the world’s most powerful commando, excelling in all courses and defeating commandos from Russia, America, China, and Sri Lanka in competitions. In the Angoor Adda operation, Major Shujaat Hussain Chidhar single-handedly engaged 16 terrorists, eliminating 9 of them and chasing enemy forces up to 50 meters despite suffering a head injury. The world is amazed at how he accomplished this feat.

He is laid to rest in his hometown. May he rest in peace, and may Allah (SWT) shower his countless blessings upon him.