Vocational & Computer Training Centers

Computer Training Centers

Computer literacy is now necessary for every individual. In cities, youth has enough opportunities to get computer education. Whereas under privileged and undeveloped rural areas lack the opportunity. Majority of rural qualified individuals fail to get a respectable job simply because of not knowing and possessing computer skills.

TM Computer institutes in Jehlum and Skardu are filling the gap by providing opportunities to the rural youth.

Vocational and Technical Training Institutes

Unfortunately, a majority of the youth cannot continue their studies at a higher level because of financial constraints and job unemployment. This segment of the youth needs to be equipped with technical and vocational skills so that they may become self-reliable and economically stable.

The TM Institute of Technology, TMCE offers a 3 year Diploma in Associate Engineering (DAE) in Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Critical Health Care Technology. In order to impart income generating skills to rural women, DAE in Dress Designing and Making (DDM) is also offered. These female graduates are then offered jobs in the TM Industrial Home where they can earn money by making uniforms and hospital wears.

Vocational centers have also been set up so that the rural women and girls of Attock, Jhelum, Khushab, and Multan can be empowered through skills such as embroidery.