Our Schools

Primary, middle, and high school are three stages of school education in Pakistan where exams of 5th, 8th and 10th grades are taken by respective central boards. In Pakistan, compared to higher secondary, 12 grades, schools, inter and degree colleges are established for 12th and 14th grades. There is a dire need to set up an education system to encourage underprivileged communities to send their children to school. A lot of work is required for secondary education, especially for girls, in rural areas. TMF is working for making education accessible for all. TMF, for last two decades, is striving for community empowerment, rural development and economic uplift through a network of Model Schools and Higher Secondary Schools in all five provinces of Pakistan.

TMF’s core philosophy revolves around making education accessible for all, and this has been made possible through a network of 45 Model Schools, 5 Higher Secondary Schools and 2 Technical Institutes in all five provinces of Pakistan.