Tameer-e-Millat Library

The fundamental importance of strong and diverse library resources to quality education is self-evident. The library provides the fullest achievable range of information so that students and faculty alike may pursue knowledge beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The depth of a library’s collections reflect the unique character, goals, mission, and resources of its parent institution.

Following the same ideal, TMF has constructed TM Central Library at TM City of Education with the generous contribution of a philanthropist and an old friend, Shaikh Muhammad Amin. He is sponsoring this project in the memory of his beloved father, late Sheikh Abdul Aziz. On its inauguration TM Central Library will be the largest library of the region, covering an area of 6400 sq.ft. To begin with, the library will be equipped with internet and catalog facility. On its completion, the library will have four sections; primary, secondary, higher secondary and technical according to the level of classes. TM Central Library will be a stock of resource material for students to facilitate them in their educational activities.