What does “Tameer-e-Millat” mean and what is its ideology?

“Tameer-e-Millat” is an Urdu phrase meaning “Building the Nation”. It aims to build a strong and prosperous nation by spreading education in the country particularly focusing on under-privileged groups. World class edification coupled with character building and personality grooming holds great promise in building a prosperous Pakistan. Our motto is “Education for Everyone”.

What is the core objective of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation?

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation (TMF) aims to achieve a 100% literacy rate in Pakistan with special emphasis on underprivileged CHILDREN.

What does Tameer-e-Millat Foundation aspire to achieve?

We aspire to promote technology-oriented education and character-building through our vast educational network and bring about a positive social change.

What are the long-term goals of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation?

To set high standards of teaching and learning and lead the nation towards educational excellence. We aspire to ensure the highest spiritual, moral and academic upbringing of all our students.

How many Schools are you running at the moment?

TMF is currently running 13 Primary Schools, 45  Secondary Schools, 5 colleges, 2 Institute of Technology and 4 computer & vocational training centers in the country. Tameer-e-Millat City of Education has also been developed over 300 acres of land near Islamabad. The campus houses educational institutions like Tameer-e-Jannat, Tameer-e-Millat School of Excellence and Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Technology. On the whole, the number of TMF Educational Institutions exceeds 405.

What is City of Education?

Tameer-e-Millat City of Education (TMCE) is a mega educational complex spanning over 450 acres of land near Islamabad. It houses Schools of Excellence for Boys & Girls, Institute of Technology and Tameer-e-Jannat Science School. It has facilities like Dairy Farm, Water Dam, Fish Farms, Mosque, Library and sports grounds.

What is Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University?

On January 16, 2012, the Lower House of Parliament passed the Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Bill unanimously. Chief Whip Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah moved the bill entitled ‘The Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Bill, 2011′. Lawmaker Ahsan Iqbal speaking on a point of order paid rich tribute to the founder of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation and Shifa International Hospitals. Ltd., Dr Zaheer Ahmad (Late), who initiated the process for setting up the university. He lauded his services in the education and health sector of Pakistan.

The Senate also passed the Act on February 10, 2012. ex-President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari accorded his assent to Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Act 2012. He expressed the hope that the University would also focus on teachers’ training programs and their capacity building. He said that in view of the critical role of teachers in building human capital there was a dire need to focus on teacher training.

What type of organization is Tameer-e-Millat Foundation?

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered with the Government of Pakistan (Tax # CIT (C) / J-Br./App-58/538 dated: 26/07/07). It is headed by a duly constituted Board of Governors (BOG).

Who owns the Foundation and its funds?

The funds are owned by the Foundation and the budget is approved by the Board of Governors. TMF accounts are regularly audited by a reputed Chartered Accountant Firm, M/s Alam & Aulakh Chartered Accountants, Islamabad.

Who is the decision-making authority?

The Board of Governors is responsible for all policy decisions. All other matters are decided by the concerned authorities and committees e.g. Regional Directors, Principals of institutions and School Management Committees etc.

Who selects the curriculum for TMF schools?

On the recommendation of the Tameer-e-Millat Curriculum Development Committee, the Executive Committee, Academic Council and Board of Governors approve or modify the existing curriculum or syllabus for different grades and levels.

What are the standards for teacher selection?

Merit, skill, experience, commitment and dedication to the teaching profession are the main criteria. In remote rural areas where trained teaching staff is not easily available,  continuous on-the-job training and free enrollment at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad is offered for their further education, training and capacity building.

What is the admission criterion for students?

Admissions are given on “first come first served” basis for the Nursery class. At higher levels, the available seats are filled on merit, based on the result of admission test and previous academic record.

What is the structure of tuition fee?

Tuition fees are charged according to affordability level of the student. It may range from Rs. 120/- to Rs.1500/- per month for different grades and levels depending upon the locality and area. Stipends and scholarships are granted liberally to all deserving students.

What is the criterion for selecting location/area for the establishment of TMF School?

Every request for a school in a village, town or city is aptly evaluated and a proper feasibility study is conducted. Priority is then given to an area where local resources are available to TMF in the shape of land, material or monetary donations.

Do you help other social organization involved in similar social projects?

Definitely yes!  We gladly undertake joint ventures with other organizations and also provide assistance in designing and implementing educational projects such as public awareness activities, teachers training workshops and curriculum development etc.

Can I independently manage a school and still get technical support from Tameer-e-Millat Foundation for quality control?

Of course! TMF would be pleased to extend cooperation and assistance in whichever capacity it may be required. However, TMF participation would depend upon the details of the project.

How can TMF sustain any future financial vulnerability?

TMF has a sizeable “Endowment Fund” comprising 10% of all donations.

What are the administrative costs/running expenses of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation (percentage of fund collection)?

The administrative expenses of TMF are met with from the profit of the “Endowment Fund”. Our administrative cost percentage to the “fund- collections” is merely 3.2 % while 96.8 % of all donations collected are used for educational projects and programs.

Where do the funds come from?

National and International contributions, mostly from overseas Pakistanis are the major source of TMF funds. A vigorous International campaign has been launched addressing every overseas Pakistani to contribute and “educate” at least one child in Pakistan as his/her replacement in the homeland.

Can a person make donation to TMF for establishing a school in the area of his/her choice?

Yes! We highly encourage and accept such proposals and also help the donor in further exploring such opportunities in his/her area. Many of our esteemed donors have developed TMF schools in their native areas with our technical/administrative support.

How can I be sure that the funds I donate will be spent on the specified project?

We provide complete assurance of utilizing donations as per the donor’s instructions. An audit report can also be forwarded upon request for added transparency.

Where should I send my contributions and are they tax deductible?

Your Donations to The i-Care Fund America Inc, Tameer-e-Millat Foundation, Pakistan and The Maria-Helena Foundation Canada are Tax deductible.

Donations including ZAKAT & SADAQAAT can be sent to :

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation

Sector H-8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: 92-51-111-863-863
92-51-4863198, 8463180, 8463391
Mob: 92-300-555-5679
Email: info@tmfpakistan.org

(Your donations are tax exempt vide Tax # CIT (C) / J-Br./App-58/538 dated: 26/07/07)

The i-Care Fund America Inc

139 Charles Street, #348
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 678-248-9999

Email: info@i-care-america.org
Web: www.i-care-america.org

Under Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN # 262437362)

The Maria-Helena Foundation

4616 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC,
V6R 2V7, Canada
Tel: +1-604-228-9885
Email: iqbal@interchange.ubc.ca
Website: www.mariahelenafoundation.org

(Registered Charity # 89250 2725 Rr0001)


How can I participate and contribute in your projects?

We welcome your participation and interest in our projects. In case you want to make donations and/or offer in-kind contribution, kindly contact us at our telephone/fax numbers, or simply address your contribution to the addresses given in our Contact Information.

Why should I choose Tameer-e-Millat Foundation over other social organizations?

Because we ensure the following:

  • Our concept of High standard, purposeful education for every Pakistani without discrimination of race, sex, color or religion.
  • Our solid commitment to spread education across the country especially in remote, under-privileged areas.
  • Our distinctive feature of providing creative education with a clear focus on character building and personality development.
  • Who can join you as a volunteer?
  • We welcome all individuals, families and organizations to join hands with us in spreading education in the country and bringing a positive social change.

What is in it for me?

The spiritual and emotional satisfaction that one gets from supporting a great cause is hard to define in words. Imagine lighting a lamp in pitch darkness and letting it illuminate the path for others to follow. TMF welcomes you to nourish young minds with knowledge and build a stronger, prosperous Pakistan.

What is Tameer-e-Jannat?

Tameer-e-Jannat project was initiated specifically to rehabilitate and educate earthquake-affected, orphan children from Kashmir. It is situated within Tameer-e-Millat City of Education, near Islamabad. Considering the positive response from our donors and taking into account the mediocre standard of other orphan homes in Pakistan, TMF has decided to expand the scope of TJ and welcome orphan children from other parts of the country, and from within TMF educational network as well. We hope that our esteemed donors will assist TMF in bearing this added responsibility.

What is the School of Excellence?

School of Excellence aims to develop students’ innate learning capacities enabling them to excel in all academic and professional areas. In addition to excellent learning opportunities and modern teaching practices, character building and personality grooming remain integral elements of school’s instructional policy. We are running two schools of Excellence in Tameer-e-Millat City of Education near Islamabad. One is for Boys from 6-12 Grades while the other offers 1-5 Grade facility to both girls and boys (Day Scholars) while from 6-12 Grade, it is exclusively for female live-in students.

What are Community Primary Schools?

Community Primary Schools are effective instruments of education promotion at grass root level. Based on one teacher-one school concept, these schools conduct 1-5 grade coaching sessions for street children and out-of-school children of suburban communities. They are set up in rural outskirts of cities to provide learning opportunities to underprivileged children. Community schoolteachers are selected from the same community who are then trained for capacity building and skill development. Children complete primary level education in minimum of 3 years, depending on their age, intelligence level and aptitude. Primary exams are conducted by Ministry of Education and successful students are given Certificates, that facilitate their admission in secondary schools, or vocational and skill schools.

What is your relationship with Shifa Foundation and Shifa International Hospital?

The same group of philanthropic expatriate Pakistanis, who in 1987 founded Tameer-e-Millat Foundation to promote education in Pakistan, also established Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. a state-of-the-art tertiary care medical facility in the heart of Islamabad in 1993.  Parallel to that, in 1992 Shifa Foundation (SF) was also set up for providing affordable medical treatment to deserving patients. At the moment, SF is offering inexpensive in-patient and out-patient facilities to less privileged communities. In addition, SF is also running internationally recognized medical institutions; Shifa College of Medicineand Shifa College of Nursing.

Tameer-e-Millat Foundation and Shifa Foundation are sister organizations, each working in its own area for the progress, development and uplifting of the nation. Where the former is catering to the ethical, moral and spiritual health of the nation by means of knowledge and education, the latter is easing pain and suffering of our under-privileged brethren and also developing healing hands for the future. After the launch of Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University (STMU), Educational services rendered by both TMF and SF will come under one umbrella.

How long have you been working and what is your area of focus?

We have been working for education promotion in Pakistan for past 20 years.

Tell me something about Tameer-e-Millat Urban Model?

TMF has planned a modern urban model institution in a custom built 12-floor building over 125,000 sq. ft. area in sector H-11/4, Islamabad. The building will be equipped with state-of-the-art labs, IT center, audio-video library, Gym, Pray area, foreign qualified staff and academic courses at par with international standards. This model will be replicated in all major cities of the country and would contribute towards sustainability of our suburban projects.

What is Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Technology? What facilities/courses does it offer to students?

This is a quality technical institute equipping the youngsters with bread-winning skills. Approved by   Punjab Board of Technical Education, Lahore, the Institute offers specialized technical courses such as land survey, Bio-medical Engineering, and 2-3 year diplomas for girls and boys. It is situated at Tameer-e-Millat City of Education, near Islamabad.

What is the Institute of Teachers’ Development?

Tameer-e-Millat Institute of Teachers’ Development has been developed to identify, train and polish “Dedicated Teachers” and make them into highly professional educationists. The Institute will also conduct capacity-building and skill-development training for teachers.

How many students are studying at Tameer-e-Millat schools?

Over 19,000 students are studying at various Tameer-e-Millat Schools around Pakistan.

In what regions of the country are you running TM schools?

We try and establish schools in under developed areas where there is no educational facility available for the local students. However, the availability of infrastructure, local support, human resources and accessibility issues are also taken into account while starting a project. Tameer-e-Millat Foundation has established its schools all over the country such as in North West Frontier Province, Punjab, Federally Administered Northern Areas and Sindh. We are in the process of developing an Educational Campus at Nushki, District Chaghai, Balochistan.

How many Schools do you have in Sindh?

We are running 10 schools in Sindh region, of which 8 are in impoverished neighborhoods of Karachi.