Tameer-e-Millat School of Excellence for Girls

A full-fledged residential educational facility exclusively for girls is being developed at Education City, Ratwal. It is part of Tameer-e-Millat Foundation’s philosophy to provide equal opportunities to females, enabling them to learn and serve their nation as responsible citizens. This institute will be called School of Excellence for Girls and will be entitled to all the facilities and luxuries currently being enjoyed by School of Excellence for Boys.

53% of Pakistan’s population consists of women while their literacy rate is only 36%. We believe that our nation cannot prosper and grow without positive intellectual and socio-political input from half of Pakistan’s population. TMF has therefore set out on a mission to educate the female population of the country, impart skill and professional know-how and ensure their empowerment.

Tameer-e-Millat School of Excellence for Girls will go a long way in promoting literacy in females, especially those coming from destitute and deprived backgrounds. The school is a female-only institute in order to encourage modern education in sophisticated, non-hostile and culture-friendly settings. The residential facility will be a safe, respectable and healthy abode for female students where knowledge and skill will be shared and vision will be broadened and minds enlightened. Most teaching and administrative staff will also consist of female professionals, thus generating additional job opportunities for talented females in educational and management positions.