Four Digits Shining Champs
Alhamdulillah, Tameer-e-Millat Foundation is pleased to announce that our students have obtained outstanding results all across our network throughout Pakistan.  First position has been achieved by 2 brilliant students, Iffat Zahra (Mian Channu, District Khanewal) and Fatima (Mitha Tiwana, District Khushaab) who both attained 1047 marks.

In addition, four digit results were also obtained by:

• Marwah Ejaz
• Muhammad Asif
• Abid Hussain Abid
• Aqsa Azher
• Muhammad Usama
• Laza Wasiq
• Fatima
• Sumaira Mustafa
• Hooria Anwar
• Asma Asif
• Malika Asgher

Congratulations to them all, as well as all our students, their teachers and their parents. May ALLAH (SWT) guide them to become Nation Builders of tomorrow. Ameen.