“Tameer-e-Millat” is not just a name, it is our aim in life i.e. working to mold the character of our young generation in order to build this nation. Character building, commitment, focus and consistency are the key. For this purpose, we have developed “Tameer-e-Seerat” under the title “Formal Character Building Plan” that will focus on specific core values throughout the whole academic year. This will be incorporated into their academic calendar and multiple activities will be carried out to inculcate these values which include: Faith, Fairness, Honesty, Respect for others, Kindness, Self-respect, Self-control, Courage, Cooperation, Caring, Courtesy, Compassion, Citizenship, Confidence, Conscience, Responsibility, Patriotism, Trustworthiness and Cleanliness.

Moreover, e-Nazara Quran classes have been initiated across our network, and a Curriculum Development Officer provides basic computer and Tajweed training to the teachers.